12 compartments Shoe organizing



  • Efficient and space-saving shoe organizer with 12 compartments
  • Durable construction to securely store and protect your shoes
  • Each compartment accommodates a single pair of shoes
  • Compact design fits perfectly in closets, entryways, or under beds
  • Clear plastic or mesh compartments for easy visibility and breathability
  • Helps keep shoes organized, preventing clutter and saving time in finding the right pair
  • Protects shoes from dust, dirt, and damage
  • Versatile storage solution suitable for various shoe types, including sneakers, flats, heels, and sandals
  • Stackable design allows for vertical storage to maximize space
  • Easy access to shoes with open-front compartments or zippered closures
  • Simplify your shoe storage and maintain a neat and tidy living space.

Product parameters  

  • Name: Shoe storage hanging bag

  • Material:See for details

  • Weight:135g

  • Article number:G588