Luxury Cutlery Set Dinnerware


Product Specifications:

The tableware is exquisitely made, with durable high-quality stainless steel gtreat for occasions: weddings, partys, mother's day, children's day, Christmas, family, restaurant, clubhouse, etc.

  • 4pcs,16pcs,24pcs Dinnerware Set Spoon/Fork/Knife Kit 
  • gift box included 
  • Dinner Knife-Length: 22cm
  • Dinner Spoon-Length: 20.5cm
  • Dinner Fork-Length: 21.5cm
  • Tea Spoon-Length: 13cm
  • 4pcs including1×Dinner Knife, 1×Dinner Spoon, 1×Dinner Fork, 1×Tea Spoon
  • 16pcs including 4×Dinner Knife, 4×Dinner Spoon, 4×Dinner Fork, 4×Tea Spoon
  • 24pcs including 6×Dinner Knife, 6×Dinner Spoon, 6×Dinner Fork, 6×Tea Spoon